Ruined Finery – Part I


I call the place “Ruined Finery”.   A few minutes away from our barns, the property is a conglomeration of dilapidated stone and wood barns and a spectral weather-worn house.  Time stands still here or at least moves at a snail’s pace even though the surrounding fields are actively cultivated.  I go there sometimes just to observe and look at the colors of the buildings, which amaze me.  Washed and weathered, the sun and wind-bleached greys, reds and stone colors of the buildings have a patina so soft that it defies giving names to them.  The only true clear colors are the greens of the vines that grasp and choke the facades.  I’ve snapped many pictures of the place and this is Part I. “Ruined Finery” is ghostly,  romantic and most definitely Rustic Chic.


All photos by Joel Woodard



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3 responses to “Ruined Finery – Part I

  1. lol. interesting subject bit i have to say you’ve done a great job with making it look interesting.
    It just proves that anything can be aesthetically pleasing from the right viewpoint

  2. Heidi

    uh-oh. this reminds me of another locale once upon a time. looks like someone’s got barn fever again.

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