Of Crickets and Crows

On those rare late-in-day weekend afternoons during spring and summer, when the shop is shut and if I don’t have a list of chores to do that’s as long as my arm, I look forward to a couple of hours in the hammock with a few pillows yanked from a sofa, a good book or the Times, sunglasses and some fresh lemonade (spiked with a fresh-from-the-freezer lemon vodka is better).  All I hear are the songs of the crickets in the hayfields and the cawing and fussing of the crows that call our place theirs.  All I see are billowing waves of hay ripening in the sun as the barn swallows dart and dance over the fields.   All I feel is the soft and cool breeze of a spring day nearing its close.  It’s been a perfect Rustic Chic day.


All photos by Joel Woodard


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