A Rustic Chic Photoshoot with John Bessler

My wife, Susan North, had a great idea recently (among her many great ideas) of scheduling a photoshoot of some of her fall collection of fabrics for Schumacher at our barn.  What a rustic chic idea!   John and his assistant, Rob, arrived a while ago and Susan wanted to shoot a few of the fabrics out near one of the hayfields.  I was along for schlep support and manned the ironing board a bit.  I then settled in to watch the proceedings from the strategically placed hammock in the treeline before heading to my shop. 

All was going great until John decided he wanted a freshly mown demarcation between the hayfield and the treeline, something I hadn’t planned to do until tomorrow.  But, like any good schlepper, I dragged out the pushmower and, well, you’ll see my major important contribution below.  Anything for a rustic chic photoshoot!

Of course I can’t show you the new Schumacher fabrics from the shoot.  Suffice it to say, they are beyond fabulous and you all will see them very soon!!   Be sure to check often at www.fschumacher.com and see www.besslerphoto.com for some of John’s beautiful work.







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One response to “A Rustic Chic Photoshoot with John Bessler

  1. Susan

    Keep on mowin’!!!!

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