Rustic Chic Terracotta Flooring

When we were renovating the barn, we gave a lot of thought as to what to install for our mudroom entrance floor.  It’s a side entrance and gives access to the powder and laundry room on one side and coat closet one the other side with a large space for shedding the wellies and umbrellas during inclimate weather.  We decided on using antique terracotta tiles in all these areas.  Not only are they beautifully colored and easy to clean but their handmade quality makes them Rustic Chic. 

We got these from reclaimed French terracotta tiles, shown in the top and bottom photographs,  from Paris Ceramics (  I’m not sure if they are still in business but we went to Connecticut at the time and selected the ones we wanted from what was a very large selection.  Tip:  if you’re in the market for these, look for one with a chicken’s footprint or other animal.  The footprints are there because as they dried in the sun, some barnyard animal was sure to find its way across the baking tiles.  Finding one and using it in situ is supposed to be good fortune.  We found a dog print and installed it but tried as we might, we couldn’t find one from a chicken.

We laid them with wide sand joints and put a matte sealer on top.  They have held up beautifully – not a crack in site.  Plus they are very easy to clean – vacuum and damp mop. 

Here are some other images of terracotta tiles from the web. 

Reclaimed terracotta tiles from These have been cut into a hex shape.
Bundles of terracotta tiles waiting to be shipped


Top and bottom photos by Joel Woodard

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