Go Fly a Kite

It’s a perfect sunny and breezy Saturday afternoon to go kite-flying in the hay fields. As it’s a bit difficult to fly a kite and take a photo at the same time, suffice it to say that the guy in this photo will be me in a few minutes.  It’s always fun to see how high you can make it go before you become Charlie Brown and duel with the “kite-eating trees”.   Tip:  buy the least expensive ones you can in case the line snaps and it sails away.

I actually redisovered how much fun kite-flying can be a few years ago on the Jersey shore during off-season (the only time to go).  But whether you reconnect to your inner kid on a field or at the beach, go to dime store (if you can still find one) or go on-line and get a few along with some of the longest spools of line you can get, find a suitable locale and regress to being 10 years old again. 

It’s therapeutic.  It’s fun.  It’s Rustic Chic.

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