The Rustic Chic Style of Annie Kelly and Tim Street-Porter

What an amazing Rustic Chic duo is composed by interior designer, journalist and book author Annie Kelly, and her husband, uber-chic photographer Tim Street-Porter.

The images of the interiors shown here were taken by Tim and appeared in Country Living magazine (  The photos show the couple’s beautiful 1740s farmhouse in Connecticut and combine luxe with approachable rustic chic style. 

Annie and Tim have worked on several books together with the most recent being the “Rooms to Inspire” series of which the latest is entitled “Rooms to Inspire in the City:  Stylish Interiors for Urban Living” (Rizzoli), released last month.  I’m a big fan of the series and my favorite (naturally) is “Rooms to Inspire in the Country:  The Infinite Possibilities of American House Design,” released in 2009.  The first “Inspired” volume, “Rooms to Inspire: Decorating with America’s Best Decorators”, first hit design shelves in 2007.

Annie’s “inspiring” writing, along with Tim’s beautiful photography, perfectly capture the essence of modern living whether in the city or country.  As their impressive work shows, it’s all about style.

Here’s hoping Annie and Tim continue to produce such beautiful and informative tomes for us who appreciate all things chic – rustic and otherwise!

Portrait and interiors photos by Tim Street-Porter



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3 responses to “The Rustic Chic Style of Annie Kelly and Tim Street-Porter

  1. Hello Joel,
    I came across your blog by googling Walda Pairon.
    Your blog is very beautiful and inspiring!
    I’ll come back often.
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. I love your designs. I am a fine art photographer/ambiance photographer. I also love interior design. I am a decorating book/magazine junkie. If you need a photographer, I would be willing to come along and help. I could even work as a intern while I am between jobs. I will be in a art show on May 1st from 1p-4p at the Simsbury Public Library on Hopmeadow Road in Simsbury CT. About 25 miles south of Litchfield,..close to Route 44. Simsbury is a charming town. 15 artists are involved. 12 will open their studios to the public for the 2 day event,..30Apr and 1May. Three of the artists,..including myself will be showing our work at the beautiful library. We will have maps of the event at the library. I wont physically be there on Saturday, but I will be there Sunday. Our program website is my other blog is If you do come to Simsbury,..there is a stunning 1700 restaurant called Abigales Grill. It was formally called “Pettibone Tavern”. They have an awesome brunch. You would love the place. The restaurant is next to the largest Pinchot Oak Tree in CT. It sits next to the Farmington River. Its awe inspiring! Take care…..April

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