Ashcombe House – A Most Rustic Chic Residence

I was recently paging through my copy of “Vogue Living – Houses Gardens People” and stopped to read about the English country house of former resident and artist/designer Cecil Beaton which he called called “Ashcombe”.   The house was later purchased by Madonna and Guy Ritchie in 2001.   As I don’t really follow celeb events I am not sure if Madonna and Ritchie still own it or not.  I was interested in Ashcombe purely from a Rustic Chic point of view. 

“Ashcombe – The Story of A Fifteen-Year Lease” is a heartfelt book written by Beaton in which he describes his love affair with the house and its 1200-acre grounds.  Here are some photos of the rustic chic residence from the web and from “Vogue Living”.


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