Let’s Get Serious . . .

As I was finishing up my weekly four-hour lawnmowing adventure in the 86 degree heat yesterday, all I could think about was getting finished and rigging up the hammock between two of the Norway maple trees that make up part of the tree line which separates two of our hayfields. (I never sink nails into a tree, that’s just cruel.  I bought the type with straps that easily wrap around the trunks and support the hammock itself.)  A cradling hammock is the ideal place to hear myself think, read the Times, guzzle iced tea and snooze away a quiet Sunday afternoon under the trees’ canopy of bright green leaves.  It’s an incredibly productive couple of hours.

While I prefer the classic white rope hammock, they are available in all types of fabrics and colors these days and the prices are very reasonable.  Some good on-line resources are www.hammocks.com, www.capecodhammocks.com. www.betweenthetrees.com and www.hammock-company.com.


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  1. Hey,
    thanks for the mention! Glad you found us- we seem to have a lot in common for design and the rustic chic idea.

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