Cry Me a River of Rustic Chic

What could be more Rustic Chic than a simple pot of emerald green Baby Tears (Soleirolia soleirolli) lushly brimming over a faux bois cachepot?  Why, this little guy is virtually crying a river of Rustic Chic! 

A piece of Baby Tears’ stem rooted into an all-purpose potting mix will soon root, yielding a plethora of delicate, kidney-shaped leaves.  Some  say Baby Tears are a demanding plant but I have found them to be quite the opposite.  Once or twice a week watering and good indirect sunlight and they’re off to the races.  Although Baby Tears like high humidity, they also require good air circulation so they do not thrive in covered terrariums.

Other common names for Baby Tears include Babies Tears, Baby’s Tears, Irish Plant, Corsican Curse, Corsican Carpet Plant and my favorite, Mind Your Own Business – a most rustic chic moniker. 

All photos by Joel Woodard

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