Rustic Chic Lightswitches from Forbes & Lomax

Twenty years ago in London, Forbes and Lomax ( set out to bring to market the elegant glass, nickel and brass switches of the 1930s which were no longer available.  Forbes and Lomax launched the Invisible Lightswitch which is a simple acrylic plate which allows wallpaper or paint to show through.  The simple and stylish toggle switch is all that is visible.  Finishes for the toggle switches are available in silvered nickel, stainless steel, antique bronze and unlacquered brass and black, white and almond for the outlets.  They also offer matching metal finish backplates for more contemporary applications.  The thin inner plates made from primed aluminum sit behind the Invisible plates which can be covered with your wallpaper or wall paint color thereby giving the illusion that the wallpaper or paint finish runs seamlessly behind the switchplate.

Until now the Forbes and Lomax switches, dimmers and outlets were available only in the UK, but now they are available in the US.  All of F&L’s products have been tested for UL compliance and CSA safety standards and are manufactured to fit all US wall boxes. 

Forbes and Lomax’s Invisible Lightswitches are a must for all your rustic chic lighting needs.  Check out their web site or if you are in New York, you can see a display of their offerings at Claremont Furnishing Fabrics Co., Art & Design Building, 1059 Third Avenue, 2nd floor.


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