Tip-toe Through This. . .

Everyone loves flowers and most people have a favorite.  I have always preferred the tulip, especially the long and elegant white French variety.  Being near to the flower district in New York, it’s easy to take for granted the multi-hued tulips and other flowers available there.  But I was wondering, with all the types of tulips that exist, where do they come from and how are they farmed?  The photos below, most from the Netherlands, gave me the answer.  Such beauty.  Such crazy-quilt rustic chicness.

"Tulip Fields" by Frans Lemmens

Tulip fields in Holland

"Tulip Fields" by Michael Hatten

"Tulip Fields" by Greg Vaughn

Black and white photo by John Bengino


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3 responses to “Tip-toe Through This. . .

  1. Janis Paris Sides

    I had no idea the beauty in the farms of the tulips. That is incredible! Just breathtaking. Does make you want to tip toe through…

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