Rustic Chic Indigo and White Quilts

Indigo and White Ocean Waves; 1879 Pennsylvania

If you’re like most of the people I know, you’re aching to throw the windows wide open and let in the fresh air and sunshine. And what could possibly say summer more than a graphic indigo and white quilt?  Betsy Telford, owner of Rocky Mountain Quilts (, has some of the most beautiful antique blue and white quilts around.

The rustic chic examples shown here are 19th century and were made in Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York.  Pay special attention to the witty names of each example.

Now can’t you just wait to snuggle under one?

Blue and White Steeplechase with triple border; 1880 White Plains, NY

Double Irish Chain; 1865 Pennsylvania

Indigo and White Broken Dishes; 1885 Pennsylvania

Indigo and White Feathered Touching Star; 1855 New York

Indigo and White Stylized Floral and Leaf Applique; 1840

Indigo and White Ohio Star; 1870 Pennsylvania

Rob Peter to Pay Paul; 1870 Pennsylvania

Blue and White Streak of Lightning; 1880 Pennsylvania or Ohio


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One response to “Rustic Chic Indigo and White Quilts

  1. Janis

    Love the blue and white quilts! I use quilts year round, they are so cozy!

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