Draw Me a Picture

I recently came upon these antique black and white French engravings of idealized garden themes and was struck dumb by their charm.  The lushy drawn depictions of birds, bows and baskets with garlands of flowers swathing wagons, ladders and other gardening implements are very rustic chic. 

Some might view the subject matter as a bit sweet today, but I look at them with an eye to another time and wonder about how much effort and thought were required for the artist to compose such classical romantic scenes.  I find the obvious skill with which they are drawn to be fascinating and they transport me to Versailles in an instant.


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2 responses to “Draw Me a Picture

  1. Gorgeous where did you find those?

    • Hi. I own them and just drag them out occasionally to look at them. I found them in an antiques shop that is no longer in business. They were just loose pages taken from a book. What the original book was, I haven’t a clue as there’s no identification or anything with them and the shop owner didn’t know anything about them. They are quite beautiful. The things you can find. . . . Thanks. Joel

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