The Rustic Chic Style of Alabama Chanin

 Natalie “Alabama” Chanin designs and produces some of the most heartfelt clothing in America.  Rustic chic in every detail, Alabama Chanin’s line is hand sewn and constructed using quilting and stitching techniques commonly used during the Depression Era south.  These clothes possess a tenderness that is neither sweet nor sentimental but they also have a modernity that is timeless.  Looking at the items on her website (, I was reminded of the washboard-scrubbed dresses I have seen drying on clotheslines many times while driving through the south. You can just smell the sunshine and fresh air.

Natalie left the American couture line Project Alabama in 2006 when the company shuttered and ended its production there.  With the former crew and artisans of Project Alabama, Natalie now operates her new venture in Florence under the name Alabama Chanin.  Her clothes have been nationally acclaimed for their beauty and sustainability – a most rustic chic combination that is hard to beat.

Be sure to check out Alabama Chanin’s website and Natalie’s book “Alabama Studio Style”.  In addition, Natalie and her artisans tour the country hosting workshops teaching their sewing methods to fans.  Long live the rustic chic style that is  Alabama Chanin!

Top photo Vogue, November 2009.  Other photos from

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