A Rustic Chic Blast from the Past with House & Garden

Of all the books on gardens and gardening in my Rustic Chic library, my favorite is without a doubt House & Garden’s New Complete Book of Gardens, published by Simon and Schuster in 1955.  The out of print volume was a gift and it’s something I turn to over and over again for inspiration.  What I particularly love is the sunlight in the photos.  The light streams from above and dapples and nips at the subjects.  While the photography is alive and real and not “perfect”, the outcome is perfection. 

The tattered book jacket of my copy describes the content as “a practical guide for the home gardener with planting plans for flowers, fruits, vegetables, shrubs, pools, barbecues, tress and lawns.”  From the look of the immaculately tended gardens inside, you would have to spend all of your time digging and double digging, but after this winter (which is so last season) that might be an excellent notion.

If you can get your hands on a copy you should do so.  But if not, here are some of the most rustic chic images from the book.

All photos from House & Garden’s New Complete Book of Gardens


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