Stephan Fowlkes’ “Reclamation Proclamation”

"Reclamation Proclamation" by Stephan Fowlkes

I was recently introduced to Stephan Fowlkes’ vivid and earthy painted works through a client who owns one of Stephan’s wall sculptures.  I took a look at his web site ( and was very impressed by the color, texture and visual strength of his art.  Modern but with a nod to the past, Stephan’s approach is simple, clean and graphic – hallmarks that rank him in my list of the Top 10 Rustic Chic artists.

Working with reclaimed wood sometimes culled from dumpsters, Stephan transforms the forgotten flotsam and jetsam into visually arresting sculptures full of dimension by intricately cutting, sawing, painting, gluing and expertly manipulating the materials.  Take a look below and be sure to visit his web site for more Rustic Chic examples.

"Circle/Square" by Stephan Fowlkes

"Circle/Square" by Stephan Fowlkes

"Factor of X" by Stephan Fowlkes

"Twain 2" by Stephan Fowlkes

"Twain 3" by Stephan Fowlkes

"Box" by Stephan Fowlkes

A cube in progress by Stephan Fowlkes

Stephan Fowlkes

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