Shopping for Rustic Chic in . . .Tokyo?

Sad Sack Lives!

And now a slight diversion from our usual Rustic Chic coverage.  While following Toyko’s Fashion Week (who knew they had one?  bombshell alert:  they don’t), I had every intention of finding RC fashion from the Land of the Rising Sun.  I was beaten before I even started.  But this stuff is so bad, it’s good and I just had to share.  (My sides ache.)  

Andre got it right.  “It’s a famine of beauty, honey!  My eyes are starving for beauty!”  So enjoy the Fashion Famine Fiasco from far-flung (and I do mean “flung”) Japan.

Full disclosure:  I really tried not to be snarky, but they made it so easy.

Project Runway on a really bad day!

"After this gig, I'm going to hang myself. The designer made it so easy!"

The garlic deters not only vampires but press and buyers as well!

Next on Animal Planet: EATEN ALIVE!

Spin Cycle Chic

"We gave up our lives. . .for this?"

Get the butterfly net! And yes, it's for the designer

"My stupid agency made me do this show. . ."

Who shot the curtains?

"I'm so glad we had this time together. . . " Hey! Where's my mop?! Oh. . .yea. . .it's around my neck!

"This means you are autt! Please leave the runway. . . please, oh please . . . "

Yabbadabbadoo!! Flintstone Chic

Question:  did they run out of money for shoes?   Doesn’t really matter –  just try and pick a Choo for any of these!!

I don’t know about you. . . but I really needed this today!

March 27, 2010:  BREAKING NEWS!!

The bridge to Nowhere

All photos from WWD.


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