Peter Mann’s Rustic Chic Furniture

Tipping Point Chaise

While shopping for Rustic Chic last week at the Architectural Digest Home Show on Pier 94, I was stopped dead in my tracks by the chaise longue shown above at Peter Mann’s booth.  I have to admit I was not familiar with Peter’s work, but I looked and got hooked on at all the interesting furniture he had on display.  

Not only are his pieces constructed from a variety of rich hardwoods, leathers and metals but they are also sustainable and customizable.  In trying to describe Peter’s furniture, the word “reductive” kept coming to mind – with their skeletal frames cleverly masking a strong structure.  But their sleek, minimalist silhouettes in no way inhibited comfort – a must-have quality to be called Rustic Chic.  To learn more about this Mann called Peter, see the images below and be sure to visit his web site (  Well done!

DC Dining Chair

LC Side Chair

Supreme Desk

Xbody Table

Peter Mann

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