Paisley – In All Its Rustic Chic Variety

I’ve always been fascinated by paisley designs.  Fluid and organic, these Persian and Indian kidney-shaped motifs actually get their name from the Scottish town of Paisley.  I personally consider paisley designs to be traditional but hip at the same time, which is a major requirement for something to be awarded the RC seal of approval. 

These days I mostly associate the paisley with the Italian fabric and clothing company, Etro.  But there are some other rustic chic paisleys out there too.  Take a look below.  (P.S. – these are not your dad’s psychedelic, Summer of Love paisleys!)

A paisley fabric from Etro

A paisley fabric from Etro

A Kirking Shawl design from 1850

A gown from Italian designer collection Etro

Radclyffe Paisley embroidered fabric from Schumacher

Liberty of London's paisley painted bicycle for Target

Country singer Brad Paisley

But the best Paisley of all is. . .

Our Paisley

Our cat Paisley


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