The Rustic Chic Style of Hubert de Givenchy at Le Jonchet

Hubert de Givenchy, the grand French couturier whose name is synonymous with refinement, chic and elegance, acquired a country estate in 1975 which is called “Le Jonchet”.  Loosely translated, that means “jackstraws”, which is the equivalent to the simple American game of pickup sticks and, well, this pile of sticks is simply one of the most beautiful retreats in the world.  Its breezy, easy attitude is a superior example of how rustic and chic can live and love happily together. 

What strikes me about the interior of one of the rooms shown below is how simple it is.  Yes, it’s all stratospherically expensive (just gettaloada all the Giacometti pieces) but it is at the same time approachable and not intimidating in the least.   That makes the look attainable for all of us. 

The images herein are from the iconic book entitled, “The Givenchy Style” (The Vendome Press, 1998), a classic must-have for anyone interested in the decorative arts and how people with real style assemble and live in their homes.

The book also, of course, exhaustively explores the design process of one of the last grand seigneurs of a bygone era where haute couture led the way for all things fashionable and taught women how to dress.  But this being Rustic Chic, I thought it would be interesting to examine another aspect of Givenchy’s style, removed from the Parisian glamour. 

The house dates from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and has a “lantern” plan, so that the windows face one another.  This device serves to flood the interiors with light and transparency. It is the golden blond tones of the masonry, when struck by the light, that give this grand manor a peaceful, hushed quality. 

The simple white upholstery, along with the sisal carpets and hammered iron pieces (by Giacometti, of course) shown in this Great Room with the master himself, epitomizes everything a rustic chic interior should be.

A Givenchy cocktail dress strewn with lily of the valley is shown above.


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