Outstanding in the Field – A New Season!

Outstanding in the Field is about to launch its sixth coast-to-coast field farm dinner tour!  If you haven’t heard of Outstanding, take a look at their web site (www.outstandinginthefield.com).  For twelve years they have toured the nation with their huge linen-draped dining tables and hosted fresh food fests in the communities where the food is grown. 

Chef Jim Denevan began hosting  dinners at organic farms back in 1999 in Santa Cruz, CA.  As word of his dinners spread, Outstanding began to host culinary tours nationwide, giving diners a rustic chic experience that reconnects them to their food source. 

Their recent email about the forthcoming season sums it up best:  “As the warm sun returns, we look forward to the harvest and farmer, chef and food artisan joining together for a celebration in the field.”

Please join Outstanding in the Field at their table and enjoy some pics from some their past events shown below. 

One of these years we’d love to throw an Outstanding rustic chic fest in our back hayfield, followed by a square dance in the red barn.  A rustic chic good time would be had by all but we’ll have to work on the menu besides oats, timothy, alfalfa and broam!

West Star Farm, Madison, WI

Kinnikinnick Farm, Caledonia, IL

Square Peg Farm, Portland, OR

UBC Farm, Vancouver, BC

Founder and Chef Jim Denevan


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