Rustic Chic Saturation

These days I’m finding that people are wanting interiors which sooth, coddle and, in general, calm them.  I’m pretty certain in saying we all want that, but that also means different things to different people.  For smaller rooms, such as vestibules and powder rooms, or even dining rooms – places where we generally don’t spend loads of time – it can be a nice idea to saturate those areas with deep color.  I personally love color, but I prefer it to be rich and enveloping when I use it.  I can’t abide strident, acid-trip color (chartreuse is an exception) or colors that are too pastel (icy pink and lavender are two exceptions here). “Calming” isn’t necessarily defined as “neutral”.

It’s a good idea to play a particularly luxurious wall color against some more sedate elements as I have done here where the fiery orange of the walls is cooled by the pale, Swedish-grey of the demilune table, grounded by the dark grey carpet and defined with the crisp white trim.  Maureen Chatfield’s abstract oil paintings, hung gallery style, pop beautifully against the strong wall color.  The art, together with the collection of cream and white antique vases, makes for a very luxe and intimate vestibule.  (Tip:  pick a saturated color that makes you look good, as this orange definitely will).  Take a look at the photos below for more of my rustic chic study in color saturation.

All photos by Joel Woodard


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