“People Are Like Wheelbarrows. . .”

Someone once said “Many people are like wheelbarrows – only useful when pushed and often easily upset.”  I would have to agree and since I have been putting off getting that new wheelbarrow for some time now, I have decided to push myself to shop for a new one. 

Such a useful tool, the wheelbarrow.  But why can’t they be a bit more stylish?  When you pop into a garden supply shop, your choice runs the gamut from A to B (to paraphrase Dorothy Parker).  Anyway, since spring is about to spring, it’s time to look for a new one, preferably one that’s rustic chic.  I did some looking on-line, but the really interesting ones below are all from Europe.  Why is that?

A galvanized steel wheelbarrow from England - very RC

Polished steel wheelbarrow with a most rustic chic orange wheel and handles

And speaking of orange wheelbarrows . . . how RC is this guy?

I dunno. This is cheatin' but still . . . wish I'd thought of it!

This is an RC wheelbarrow at its best!

And speaking of rustic chic wheelbarrows, what about that cut-lace beauty at the top of the post?  Sculptural and rustic chic? Definitely.  Practical?  Uh-uh.  Seeing as how it’s more sieve than wheelbarrow, the quest continues.


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