The Rustic Chic Winterscape Photography of Peter Margonelli

Just when you think you can’t stand to throw one more shovelful of snow and you’re actually looking forward to 90 degree days riding the lawn tractor, along come some of the most peaceful and soothing photographs of winter scenes ever shot only to remind you of the incredible beauty of this time of year and not to be in such a hurry to see winter shrug off its pristine, rustic chic cloak.

Such are the feelings invoked by Peter Margonelli’s latest series of art photography which he calls “Winter”.  Peter is a very talented and highly respected artist/photographer who is best known for his interiors work.  He shoots for some of the most prestigious interior designers working today and photographs of his interiors have appeared in a myriad of publications.

But Peter also has a large collection of his own personal work which expresses his deft and sophisticated vision ranging from often-abandoned industrial buildings to softly blurred landscapes.  Check out Peter’s web site ( for more of his incredible portfolio.  Below are some additional views from his Winter series, which I find particularly rustic chic.

I actually met Peter a couple of years ago when I came across his photo below which he calls “DeWalt on Barn Swing.”  I was totally moved by the youthful spirit and lightheartedness of the image and I got in touch with Peter to ask him about the photo and his work.  I am fortunate that I now have a copy of DeWalt hanging front and center in the barn’s library loft.  It makes me smile every time I see it.

Here are a few more of Peter’s landscapes.  I especially love the one I call “Lonely White Barn”.  And his “Birch Trees” series is totally mesmerizing.


Every interior designer I know has the iconic book on color entitled, “Color Palettes – Atmospheric Interiors Using The Donald Kaufman Color Collection,” by Suzanne Butterfield.  But it’s Peter’s photos in the book which bring the rooms to life.


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