A Rustic Chic Pantry

A lot of magazines these days do features on “show us your . . . ” and they’re usually photos of the owner’s closets or desks.  But I’m always waiting to see how people use their spaces for storing food, dishes and serving pieces, cookbooks and so forth.  I’m still waiting.  So I thought I’d explore our own rustic chic pantry.  Food mavens like Martha Stewart (www.marthastewart.com) and Ina Garten (www.inagarten.com) have beautiful as well as practical pantries and we took our cues, more or less, from them by designing our pantry with a bi-swing door and plenty of moveable shelving.  In this case we chose polished nickel metro shelving used in many restaurants.  These shelves, which we got off the web at www.grandinroad.com, are relatively inexpensive and easily assembled.  The key is to take meticulous measurements of the space you want to turn into a pantry so that the fit is just right. Pantries are also an opportunity to organize and display your foodstuffs, dishes, barware and cookbooks into beautiful and pleasing rustic chic arrangements.

Tureens, soup bowls and compotes - all in understated white - look great when displayed together

A centralized area for libations is a necessity for a rustic chic pantry

Decanters, ice bucket and tongs, and a variety of spirits and liquers - essential rustic chic barware

Favorite cookbooks (especially all things Ina Garten) and magazines turn the rustic chic pantry into an adjunct library

Accessibility is a major component to a successful rustic chic pantry

Metro shelving can be configured in many ways - a corner unit is especially useful

A mix of clear class and white china keeps the rustic chic pantry gleaming and light

Spices and condiments, flours, sugar, pasta plus a basket for recycling newspapers and magazines complete the rustic chic pantry

All photos by Joel Woodard


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