The Rustic Chic Bricklayer’s Coffee Table

These reclaimed wood-topped coffee tables with their clean-lined, waxed-iron bases are excessively rustic chic.  They are usually called “bricklayer’s coffee tables” since the wood pallet from which the tops are made were at one time used for drying bricks.  It’s a really clever and eco-friendly way to recycle antique wood into a modern use.  And not only are they stylish as all get out, these coffee tables are also very practical.  Virtually indestructible, the wood pallets are usually sanded smooth and given a clear wax top coat which imparts a warm and distressed patina that can only be enhanced by use.  So don’t worry about those coffee rings as they will only ramp up the RC quotient.

The coffee table pictured above is in the barn’s family room ( and measures about 60 x 48.  It’s big enough to pile on plenty of books and other objet and it even serves as an impromptu dining table in front of the tube.

My friend and talented interior designer, Robert Stilin (, uses the bricklayer’s coffee table in many of his beautifully stylish interiors.  Very rustic chic.

Flamant, the Belgian interiors company, makes liberal use of a huge bricklayer’s coffee table in the photo above (

This bricklayer’s coffee table from Bobo’s Intriguing Objects ( references the classic barn x-brace stretcher.

While I generally prefer these coffee tables to be deeper, this rectangular version also from Bobo’s Intriguing Objects, is slimmer.  But you can kiss two of these together for an even more impressive, rustic chic look.

Design Workshop ( takes the brickmaker’s coffee table to the next level by putting the base on wheels and adding a bottom shelf.  A very rustic chic touch.



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4 responses to “The Rustic Chic Bricklayer’s Coffee Table

  1. Janis Paris Sides

    Love the bricklayer coffee table!!

  2. lisa

    where can i purchase one?

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