Maison&Objet, the ultimate trade show for all things related to decoration and the art of living, is held twice a year in Paris.  This amazing international extravaganza, which ran from January 22 through 26 at the Paris Nord Exhibition Centre, is all things to all people in the interior design and home furnishings industries.  Design trends are born there and they eventually find their way into your home.

I am just now getting through the plethora of brochures I have from the show and naturally my eyes were peeled for all things RC.  From fabrics to furniture to accessories, a major trend is something I call “Rustique Beligique”.  The Belgian Look – washed linens, subtle colors, raw woods with iron finishes and simple lines – has been around for some time now and its influence continues to grow.  Here are some of my favorite looks from Maison&Objet.  As there was so much to see, it is difficult to do justice to the show on a single post.  So stay tuned for more rustic chic views.

de Le Cuona's amazingly rustic chic fabrics

de Le Cuona's linens

Rustic Chic metal embroidery on linen by de Le Cuona

de Le Cuona's soothingly rustic chic neutrals

Scapa Home's earthy bed linens

Katrin Leuze's luxuriously rustic chic fur accessories

Friedemann Buhler's rustic chic turned wood bowls


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