Menswear Inspired Rustic Chic

Loro Piana's Wool and Linen Plaid

I received a lot of emails from my recent post “Rustic Chic Plaid-itudes”, so I thought I would revisit that subject today.  I am a fabric junkie.  I pretty much always start my interiors with fabrics and build from there.  I also collect interesting samples and swatches for my interiors library because they are the building blocks for really beautiful rooms – rustic and/or chic. 

I took the photo above of a sample of a wool and linen plaid fabric I recently got from Loro Piana (  Named “Kebir Check,” its fiber mix at once gives it the ability to be dressed up or down – the epitome of rustic chic.  The color combination of steel grey and cream is subtle, classic, timeless.  It would be handsome in a dark grey room with lots of nickel accessories and some ebonized cerused tables.

Vintage Bill Blass Plaid Trench

Etro's Plaid Jacket

The images above, one of a model wearing a vintage Bill Blass plaid trenchcoat and one of a guy sporting a plaid jacket by the hip Italian sportswear company, Etro, show how to wear big plaid without being overpowering.  The key, of course, to wearing it well is to keep it to one plaid.  It also helps to be over six feet and size naught.  But the most important thing is to not look like a used car salesman from the ’70s, so keep it loose and casual.  I can picture the guy’s jacket as curtains or slipcovers in an all white beach house.

I’ve had these two images of a vintage sportscoat, shown above, in my inspiration file for some time.  I really like the chocolate, oatmeal and subtle orange color combo.  How great this fabric would be as upholstery or curtains in a russet painted room.  Take a look again at the top image and picture that red-orange as wall paint in a study or library or even a dining room.  Or flip it – upholster the walls in that plaid and do the room in a mix of tobacco leather chairs and deep orange upholstery. Most rustic chic.

What struck me above the image above was the pocket square.  It’s an interesting interplay of being a houndstooth and a plaid at the same time.  I really like the shades of ochre and olive in it as well.  What a great rug or painted floor that would make!

Plaid and paisley – great combo for a library.  That warm pumpkin color is cooled by soothing blue.

The images above are playful and updated menswear fabrics from the famous suitmaker, Kiton (  Their offerings are incredible and would easily fit into a beautiful room.  Pick one and imagine how you would interpret it in your own rustic chic interior.

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