All Boxed In

I love boxes and collect them in a variety of sizes with different coverings but I prefer them in natural, neutral materials.  From the handsome croc-stamped leather one for postage stamps and the exotic python-covered one for notecards to the uber-rustic chic ones in faux shagreen and cerused elmwood from Dransfield & Ross, these practical yet stylish boxes will actually keep you from feeling all boxed in.

These antique boxes suggest an Asian origin and would add an interesting touch to any rustic chic decor.  They would be great tabletop or bookshelf accessories.

Simple and utilitarian, these no nonsense archival boxes are ideal for photographs or other light-sensitive rustic chic documents. 

These small kraft paper boxes, from, are a piece of cake, especially as they’re intended for small take-away servings from the ceremony.  Perfect for an autumnal wedding in a barn, I’d tie them with rafia.

These scaled down luggage boxes, from, lets you haul your rustic chic treasures with style.



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