Rustic Chic Plaid-itudes

Bill Cunningham, everyone’s favorite man-on-the-street photographer from The New York Times, is still right on target with more rustic chic sightings in Manhattan.  In today’s Sunday Styles section of the Times’ website (, Bill’s video entitled “Mad Plaid” chronicles his recent encounters with big and bold plaids worn by hip rustic chic-ers.  While Bill says the classic red-and- black and black-and-white combos are still to be found, the trendy are recoloring them, sparking the black checks with bright and acid colors.

Lumberjack flannel down vest by Triple Fat Goose

Classic red and black from

What could possibly be more RC than this portrait of Linda Evangelista plastered in plaid at the piano?  This photo graces the cover of the definitive volume on the subject, “Tartan – Romancing the Plaid”, by Jeffrey Banks and Doria de la Chapelle.

But for real dyed-in-the-wool rustic chic plaid and how to wear it well, you have to go to Scotland.  After all, these guys invented it!


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