A Midwinter’s Luncheon

I really enjoy hosting small, rustic chic luncheons at the shop on the weekends for my clients, both those from the city and nearby. It’s usually 2 to 6 people at a time and we greatly enjoy each other’s company.  I am planning another small gathering on Saturday and set the shop’s long Swedish dining table for this midwinter’s luncheon.

I like to keep the table settings simple but elegant.  I have a real weakness for heavy and gaudy silver cutlery and I use it freely.  But I temper it by keeping everything else very, very simple.  An excellent guideline is “plain china, fancy silver” or “plain silver, fancy china”, but never “fancy silver, fancy china.”  As I generally prefer the former, I folded the simple, hemstitched linen napkins, tied them using strands of rafia and then laid them on top of the plain hexagonal china. I finished the place settings by using silver julep cups alongside antique French stemwear that’s light as a feather.  As an aside, a little wine at a rustic chic luncheon is a great aid to a satisfying gustatory (and shopping) experience.

Keeping with the mostly white, silver and grey theme, I filled the antique urns with bare birch branches and pine cones to add height and texture.  There’s no need to spend a truckload of cash on ephemeral flowers when readily available and seasonal items can be  gathered and used with just a bit of imagination.  A couple of lush, brimming pots of baby’s tears (also named, appropriately, “mind-your-own-business”) in humble terra cotta brings a touch of understated color to this rustic chic table setting.

All photos by Joel Woodard


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2 responses to “A Midwinter’s Luncheon

  1. Janis Paris Sides

    Hi Joel,
    Love the entry! It makes me want to go home and make lemon curd and scones.


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