Orange You Rustic Chic?

Can tractors be rustic chic?  You bet! Especially when they’re painted in unexpected orange.  John Deere has their signature green and yellow.  International Harvester and Farmall are known for all-American red.  But Allis-Chalmers and Case offered their tractors in rustic chic orange.  Allis-Chalmers called their color “Corporate Orange”.  (Ok, so that’s not the most alluring name for a shade of orange.  I would have preferred something like “Tangerine Dusk” or “Orange Punch”.)  I wonder how many farmers, when shopping for a new tractor, went into their dealer’s showroom and said “Now that little orange number is the one for me!”

Notice from the pics the different sizes in which you could get these guys way back when.  Of course your selection depended on how many furrows you had to plow – the bigger the operation, the bigger the workhorse you needed. 

Now orange you glad there are things in life that have helped put food on your table and are rustic chic to boot? 

Hmmm. I'm pretty sure I could handle this guy with no problem.

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