The Rustic Chic Gardens of Jean-Loup Daraux

Although winter brings its own type of frigid beauty, its seemingly endless bleakness can make us long for the vivid colors of spring and summer, for the sights and aromas of blooming grasses and flowers, for the sun’s warmth on long lazy days.  Such feelings are readily conveyed in one of my favorite volumes entitled “En Passant par la Demeure” by the noted French interior designer Jean-Loup Daraux.

This handsome volume is a pictorial cornucopia of Jean-Loup’s country house in the Camargue region of the south of France.  The designer’s house is indeed a stunning example of French country interior design at its best.  But it his gardens,  from the meticulously tended and winding paths to the most atmospheric “le poulailler”, or chicken coop, that reveal the sun-bathed warmth that is the essence of rustic chic.


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4 responses to “The Rustic Chic Gardens of Jean-Loup Daraux

  1. Janis Paris Sides

    Breathtaking pictures! Thanks for sharing. Bucket List…go to France!

  2. Love Jean-Loup Daraux’s inspiring work.

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