All Cooped Up . . . But in a Good Way!

The Eglu Cube from Omlet

I’m seriously debating getting a few chickens.  There are few things in the world better than fresh eggs and I’ve been researching for the easiest way to take the plunge.  I believe I found it at Omlet ( 

The Eglu and Eglu Cube are, according to their web site, “modern, quick to clean and safe”.   The site goes on to say the Eglu will look great in your garden, whether you live in the city, the ‘burbs or countryside.  Omlet will even direct-ship vaccinated and guaranteed healthy chicks or layers along with feed to you a few days after your Eglu arrives!  Omlet says the chicks are kept warm, comfy and well-fed in a straw-lined box.  Sounds like they do everything but ask “do you want those scrambled or fried?”

The Eglu Cube comes in a 6-foot, 9-foot and no-run version that can house up to 10 chickens.

The original Eglu above is a smaller version of the Eglu Cube and it can hold up to six chickens.

Should you desire to have Omlet deliver you some chickens with your Eglu or Eglu Cube, they can send you the Gingernut Ranger which they say lays lots of hen fruit and makes a great family pet.  With something so rustic chic as the Eglu, maybe you could count your chickens before they hatch (or at least your eggs before they’re laid).




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