The Rustic Chic “Puffy” Jacket

In today’s Style section of The New York Times, Bill Cunningham (photographer extraordinaire for “On The Street”) discusses in a video the latest craze in “puffy”, that is quilted, jackets in black and red as seen on the streets of Manhattan this season. 

Unfortunately the host of this blog site doesn’t make attaching videos that easy, so if you want to see Bill’s video, go to and look in the Style section for “On the Street – Puffed”.

Always on the troll for rustic chic, I thought that there had to be canine (and feline) equivalents out there.  Lo and behold (and no surprise), there are!  Tons of ’em, in fact!!

I thought at first that Spike in the top photo (taken by Bill Cunningham for an unrelated article) was a little too slick in his/her puffy, until I saw the wellies.  So he/she gets a thumb’s up for Rustic Chic Puffy-in-Training.

Bruiser’s little red number, from, would be great for those long hikes in the woods.  The vibrant color would keep hunters at bay.

Crusher here decided to go totally macho in this no-nonsense fitted puffy from  Sleek and rustic chic, he’s ready for giving rabbits, ground hogs or skunks a run for their money.

Killer here knows what puffy looks best on him.  Having those great black and white markings screams for look-at-me-red and a belt.  This one, from, is great for chasing the Canada Geese out of Farmer Brown’s pond!

My vote for Most Rustic Chic Quilted Canine Puffy is worn by Rover here and it’s from  He’s not a slave to the whims of fashion in his hunting and gathering attire.  Simple, tailored and rustic chic, this diamond-quilted microsuede puffy enhances his naturally golden fur.  And the high, white collar adds just the right amount of dressiness.  What about red for him?  “I WOULDN’T BE CAUGHT DEAD!” he barked.

Paisley was mighty miffed when I had to break it to him that I couldn’t find any resources for rustic chic puffy felinewear.  Nonplussed, he dragged out the Pfaff and is running up his own.  He’s even doing his own quilting on the machine.  Now THAT’s rustic chic!!  (I do need to talk to him about his choice of fabric, however.)


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