Michele Oka Doner – Rustic Chic Sculptress

I have long been an admirer of the internationally-acclaimed American artist, Michele Oka Doner.  For more than four decades her work has been informed by her love of nature, a process she calls “evolutionary”.   She has produced and continues to produce sculpture for both private collectors and public institutions, as well as works on paper and jewelry. 

I have always been particularly fascinated by and drawn to her series of cast bronze “Burning Bush” candelabra, photos of which I have posted here from her website (www.micheleokadoner.com).  Their organic and slightly chaotic shapes are dynamic yet very graceful and their resemblance to tree branches is striking. 

In addition to her work for private collectors, selections from Oka Doner can also be found many public collections throughout the world, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The American Museum of Natural History, both in New York;  the Art Institute of Chicago; and The National Design Museum – Smithsonian Institution, among others.

Please see her web site (www.micheleokadoner.com) for more on this prolific and rustic chic artist.

All photos from www.micheleokadoner.com

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