Ring-a Them Bells!

Ever really look at a bell?  I mean really look at one?  I came across this black painted bell, circa 1875, which came from a school in Syracuse, New York, recently and I was really taken with it.  Like many of you, I had never really given this type of thing much thought. 

We’re pretty much taught about the Liberty Bell in school and we’re all familiar with sleigh bells and dinner bells and wedding bells and doorbells and southern belles (oops, wrong type).  Anyway, I’m sure there is a whole physics lesson lying within the making of bells, especially a large one like this.  It measures 22″ in height by 22″ at its bottom diameter. I think it was its massive size along with its accessibility on a shop’s table where I found it that made me stop in my tracks.  It’s a very sculptural object and its scuffed paint from many years of use gives it a very rustic chic vibe. Its original clapper makes a deafening “bong” that can rattle your teeth.  So “ring-a them bells!”  If it was good enough for Fred Astaire and Kay Thompson to sing a tribute to them in “Funny Face”, it’s good enough for us!

And finally, take a look at this music video of “Bells” by The Rankins –  just because it’s a tender, beautiful song.


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