Rustic Chic Barn Portraits

Lots of our neighbors have told us that over the years, and mostly before we converted the stone barn into our home, our barns have been a favorite plein air subject for artists.  We recently acquired the beautiful oil-on-canvas triptych above, painted by Spanierman Gallery-represented artist and local resident, Maureen Chatfield (  We love her abstraction of the barns and the soft interplay of light and color she gave them. 

A couple of years ago we also acquired this oil-on-canvas painting by Hunterdon County artist, Leslie Ross Stephens.   Leslie’s treatment of the barns is more realistic and has a somewhat 1940’s feel to me.  We love the angle from which Leslie chose to render the barns and the emerald green hay field in the foreground, as well as the way in which she infused the buildings with a bit of romantic dishevelment.

The painting above is not our barns but when we saw the image, titled “Red Barns” painted by Claude Monet (French, 1840-1926), reproduced on notecards by Giraudon and published by Galison Books (, it reminded us so much of ours we thought the cards would be the perfect choice for rustic chic correspondence.



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    Rustic Chic Barn Portraits .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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