A Rustic Chic Respite

A neighbor has these rustic chic twig wreaths nailed to the side of one of his barns.  He keeps them up all year around but to me they are especially handsome in the winter housed against that most American of colors – barn red.  They have a tattered beauty that I appreciate the closer I get to them and I love the way they catch falling leaves in their blue-grey grasp and let nature take it from there.

But now it’s time to take a little respite from everything.  To build the fire and knock back some cider.  To reflect on what has been for many, a difficult year.  To forge ahead and leave behind those things that shackle.  To be appreciative for what we do have.  To realize none of us has (or should have) a wooden heart and a sawdust mind.

I’ll be back after the first of January.  Thanks to everyone for reading Rustic Chic.  I really appreciate it.  Best, Joel

All photos by Joel Woodard


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One response to “A Rustic Chic Respite

  1. great wreath… and always love that barn!

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