Going to Pot

Few things say “rustic chic” to me as much as faux bois and especially faux bois planters.  In this case, the faux bois item is made from heavy concrete and is covered in dried moss (“No need to wrap it . . . I’ll take it!”).  I use it as a cachepot and its perfectly aged patina looks great whatever the season and no matter what it’s filled with. 

In the photo above I have filled the planter with a kalanchoe, a flowering succulent.  I really like the way the plant’s waxy green leaves and white blooms, along with the planter itself, work with the modern abstract painting by Maureen Chatfield while sitting on a black pedestal by Dransfield & Ross.  In the remaining photos, I filled it with pinecones and then with ferns.  It’s that kind of versatility that makes faux bois the ultimate in rustic chic.

All photos by Joel Woodard


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One response to “Going to Pot

  1. Joel, is that flowering succulent a kolache or kolochee or however you spell it?! Just curious because I bought something similar recently.

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