A Tip of the Hat to Rustic Chic

A good friend of ours, a woman of enormous chic, called us to stop by her home this morning to view her latest acquisition – two antique hat molds which she had recenty purchased.  The molds are made from solid walnut and perch on their original display stands.  They also have their original hatbands and buckles and have the most elegant and sculptural quality about them. 

When she showed them to us, they were in an upstairs landing and I asked her “Why don’t you put them on your center table by the front door?  That way everyone can see them when they walk in.”  She loved the idea and we whisked them downstairs. 

The hat molds now sit on the entry table warmly exhibiting their charm, beauty and wit, just like our hostess.  They’re also chock-full of rustic chic.

Her cozy home, not very far from the barn, was published in the July 2009 issue of House Beautiful.  The owner, together with her friend of many years, Mr. Albert Hadley (decorateur extraordinaire), worked to create a sophisticated and beautiful home for her.  It’s one of the most elegant spaces I have ever seen – chic and rustic chic. The soft white painted floors are so ethereal and make the rooms float – genius!!  Below are a few of the images from the spread, but for a more intimate look, please check out the magazine’s feature.

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