Tom Baril’s Rustic Chic Botanicals

I was paging through my copy of Tom Baril’s “Botanica” the other day.  It is a fascinating and beautiful compilation of rustic chic plant and flower images from this master photographer.  Sensuous, diaphanous and graceful, the flora depicted in the text (Arena Editions, 1999) are presented in a minimalist format which allows the subjects to be thoroughly appreciated and examined.  I never tire of looking through this book.

Baril is a graduate of the New York School of Visual Arts and served as Robert Mapplethorpe’s master printer for more than fifteen years.  His body of work  includes not only plant and flower photography but  also waterfalls, architecture and seascapes.  You can see more of his work on his website (

Baril’s botanical work at once reminds me of Blossfeldt’s but only with regard to subject matter; his fresh take is both modern and classic – and definitely rustic chic.

All images from “Botanica” by Tom Baril


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