So Much Pressure

By now you know that I like to focus closely on objects – to examine them not only in the context of overall environments, which is what I mostly do as an interior designer, but to also dissect them as a way of figuring them out.  I greatly enjoy discovering almost-forgotten pieces, especially things that have a structural and sculptural integrity, and then whisking them off to another life of rustic chic bliss. 

Such is the case of this antique iron book press that I found hidden under a table in an antiques shop.  It weighs an absolute ton but is great for smoothing out wrinkles in magazines, books and, of course, leaves.

Its mechanism is smooth as silk and that’s part of what I found fascinating about it.  It makes a wonderful squeaky groan as you turn the wheel and the flattening plate glides down onto whatever you place underneath.  I wouldn’t dream of oiling it. 

How can so much pressure be so rustic chic?

All photos by Joel Woodard


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  1. love the vintage book press, really great!

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