Rustic Chic Color Fields

Fall’s first blanket of snow fell yesterday.  Before the eye-rolling starts and ennui kicks in about not needing to see yet another snow-covered field and trees, take a minute and think about how color and texture in nature affect you – as a person, your work, your mood. 

If you’re in an artistic field like I am (no pun intended), it can seem trite to say “my work is influenced by nature” or some other thing.  But when you really take a little time to scrutinize the colors in something and how light or the lack of it shifts your perception – whether it’s a snow-covered field or the loose change in your pocket – you’ll discover it’s difficult to really pin color down.

My wife and I are always playing a game we call “What Color is That?”.  We don’t go in for “oh, that’s blue” or “oh, that’s white”, because that doesn’t mean anything.  We say things like “oh, that’s ‘frog in a blender'” or “that’s ‘peach frappe'”.

Go into your own back yard or field or neighborhood park or alley and study the colors that nature (and man) have put there.  Really study how the colors relate to one another as well as how they stand alone in contrast to some other object. Observe  how esoteric and obscure some of the colors can actually be.  You’ll find out there’s no such thing as “blue” or “pink” or “white”. 

And so as I woke up this morning to a sprawling vista of snow,  I knew that today there would be a vast array of color in untold shades just waiting to be named – out there in the rustic chic color fields.

All photos by Joel Woodard


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