A Rustic Chic Luncheon at the Shop

First snowfall of the year!!  It’s always the most gentle and pristine – cold, hard and rustic chic snowflakes as large as nickels.  I had made plans for some friends to join me for lunch in the shop today and they’re slightly delayed so I thought I’d take a few pictures of the table setting before they arrive.

I love Swedish furniture and today it seems especially applicable with the snowfall.  The grey light, coupled with the grey painted furniture and the antique silver, created the most beautiful winterscape (even though technically it’s not winter yet). 

The only real color on the table, apart from the food to come, is in the pale amethyst antique wine glasses.  The concrete basket of flowers and fruit is a favorite possession that is always ready to be pressed into service for a centerpiece and it’s a bit unexpected. 

The modern abstract painting by Maureen Chatfield in the background keeps the scene from turning bleak and the boxwoods in the antique urns on pedestals lend a bit of added elegance.  But the overall palette of silver, white, grey and the palest amethyst created a sophisticated and wintery “no-color color” scheme.

All photos by Joel Woodard


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One response to “A Rustic Chic Luncheon at the Shop

  1. Joel, Bravo! You did a beautiful job creating an elegant, serene, and refined setting for your rustic chic lunch. The amethyst glasses are perfection.

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