Rustic Chic Fete

I’m always inspired by beautifully rustic chic table settings and this is one of the most enticing I’ve seen in quite a while.  These photos, from my good friends John Dransfield and Geoffrey Ross, are from their recent Thanksgiving fete.

Everything is glamorous and polished in a low-key way.  The stars of the two round tables John and Geoffrey use in their dining room are unquestionably these rusty urns with the incredible cauliflower centerpieces.  The guys used florets of cauliflower and adhered them to balls of styrofoam.  The dark china and the prodigiously rustic chic horn-handled cutlery complete this elegant and seasonal tableau.



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  1. As I continue to read your posts, I realize that I need to step up my own tablesettings. Love the cauliflower centerpieces. At first I assumed it was made of white carnations.

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