Who IS She?

“She taunts me.  She teases me mercilessly with her cool, regal hauteur.  Oh, the bearing of this goddess!  If only she would . . . look at me . . .”

Ok, so I gave up my gig at Harlequin to write about all things rustic chic.  And this diminutive beauty is one of the most rustic and chic things I’ve ever seen.  She’s carved from a single piece of wood and measures 6″ high x 3-1/2″ wide (at those bows alighting such graceful shoulders).  “Oh, to be those bows!”  I found her for song at a little antiques store. 

I’ve tried to do some research about her but came up with zip.  I think she’s ultimately going to be one for the Antiques Roadshow crew if they ever come this way. To me she looks French, kind of can-can dancer meets Marie Antoinette meets Gibson Girl.  “I can’t fathom her and she haunts me still . . .”

Could this Rustic Chic Thumbelina be a lost member of a hand-carved chess set?  If so, I’m just a pawn in her game.

All photos by Joel Woodard

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One response to “Who IS She?

  1. How could you not know?!?!? Very clearly it is Lillian Russell!! You don’t need Roadshow for something so obvious.

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