The World’s Most Rustic Chic Chest of Drawers

An 1850's Dutch chest. A gift from the famous illustrator Jeremiah Goodman to John Dransfield and Geoffrey Ross

I have a great weakness for painted furniture, especially rustic chic painted furniture.  This post will begin one of many to come on pieces I find interesting.  I really enjoy discovering ones that have refined lines and a sculptural quality but which are caked with decades of paint and well, dirt (of the rustic chic sort, of course). 

I was having coffee one morning not too long ago with my good friends John Dransfield and Geoffrey Ross at their impossibly rustic chic country estate here in New Jersey not too far from the barn.  (You all know their wonderful collection of handsome home furnishings and accessories that sell in some of the choicest retailers across the country (  

Their delightful houseguest for the weekend was the famous Jeremiah Goodman who, as you also know, is renown for his dramatic and elegant paintings and illustrations of some of the world’s most beautiful interiors.

During a tour of their incredible home my eyes fell on the chest of drawers shown in the photo at the top.  As it turns out, it was a gift by Jeremiah to John and Geoffrey.  Jeremiah said it was a chest originally from the Netherlands, circa 1850, and that he had found it in a now-shuttered shop in Toronto in the 1970’s.  He generously passed it along to John and Geoffrey. 

I was thrilled to learn also that Dransfield and Ross have reproduced this beautiful chest as part of their sophisticated home furnishings collection and I have since been fortunate to obtain one for my shop.  It’s a terrific and faithful interpretation of the original, perfect for any room in your rustic chic (or just plain chic) home.

Dransfield & Ross interpretation of the original Dutch chest

My converation with Jeremiah, John and Geoffrey also made me remember that in the December/January issue of House Beautiful there is a page announcing Jeremiah’s collaboration with London art dealer Dean Rhys Morgan (  Beginning in December, Dean Rhys Morgan will offer limited-edition prints of 20 of Jeremiah’s most famous interiors illustrations.  Since it would be impossible for me to afford, let alone select, just one, I’ve decided to buy them all in the form of the boxed set of 16 different note cards, also available through Dean Rhys Morgan.


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