Rustic Chic Gartenlust

"Vase, Raray" from Vases de Jardin

Those who read my post from last week entitled “Porcupine Eggs” may be wondering how I could swing the rustically chic gamut from the rather readily available galvanized items shown there to these beautiful watercolors depicting rarified garden ornaments from uber-rustically chic locales such as Versailles.  Well, such is the prerogative of my personal take on R and C.  I’m also a sucker for anything covered in moss.

The graceful but powerful images shown in this post are from the slim yet enchanting volume, “Vases de Jardin”, by Bernd H. Dams and Andrew Zega.  The book was also published in 2000 under the English title, “Garden Vases.”

Dams and Zega also have a website ( where they offer their watercolors of famous architectural sites and garden ornaments (and a fabulous series of the alphabet) in books and notecards. 

I appreciate not only the forms of the vases shown in the drawings in “Vases de Jardin”, but the detailed and realistic drawing style as well.  Dressy yes, but rustic chic too.

"Vase, Desert de Retz"

"Marble Cassoulet, Marly"

"Bronze Vase at Versailles with Channeling"

"Gilded Vase at Neptune Basin, Versailles"


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