Chicken Chic

Brahma - Dark Hen

At this time of year the thoughts of many turn to the celebrated turkey.  But today I am going to consider the lowly chicken.  How jaded are we that they’re only thought of for the breakfast table or the dinner table?  The exotic and unusual breeds shown here are but a few from the fascinating book “Extraordinary Chickens”, written and photographed by Stephen Green-Armytage.  They are also the height of avian rustic chic. 

Stephen’s book catalogs a multitude of glorious breeds of many colors but I thought it would be a bit more dramatic to view a few breeds whose plumage is naturally black and white.  Dressed in their lacy and sophisticated feathers, these gals are dressed as fashion plates, not for dinner plates.

Polish - White

Polish - Silver Laced

World's Most Rustic Chic Chicken - Polish Frizzle - Bantam Bearded Blue Hen

Large Cochin - Barred

Japanese - White



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5 responses to “Chicken Chic

  1. I love those chickens almost as much as I love this site!! What a great find – the site, not the chickens. I read it every day. Wish you had written about what you served for your brunch. I don’t suppose you just chewed on those branches. Recipes would also be nice. Want to put my old garland to use doing something other than just making another poulet en croute.

    The chicken pics were fun. I have been eating chicken for years, but never knew they had feathers!!!!!

    Thanks for this terrific blog. See you on Twitter!!!!

  2. susan

    Chic Filet indeed!!!

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